As an eco-conscious company, William Johnson Construction works with nature instead of against it. By using recycled and renewable resources, energy efficient heating methods, and natural building techniques, we take every effort to ensure that our construction methods do not impose on natural ecosystems. Our company creates sustainable buildings that will last for generations without negatively impacting environments.
Rather than destroy old barns and stone buildings, we relocate and rejuvenate the material to create elegant living spaces. Our company also works with local timber producers who provide wood that is naturally replenished. In order to ensure that homes have a reduced impact, many of our projects incorporate geothermal heat pumps and passive solar systems, which provide energy from renewable sources.
Energy Efficiency
With the environment in mind, reducing energy use is a top priority when designing a building. Insulated concrete and radiant heating used in many of the structures we build can lessen the amount of energy needed to heat a home.
Natural Craft
Wasteful material processing and distribution of factory produced cabinets and windows can result in toxic byproducts. Our company takes pride in crafting handmade cabinets and windows that cater to individuals’ lifestyles. Every home we build is customized, making the living space truly unique.

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